3 main advantages of winter tires – velcro

There is not much time left before the cold weather, which means it’s time to think about a new set of winter tires and how much for scrap car. Most drivers in Russia are conservative and choose studded tires, but there are those who prefer friction tires. Consider the benefits of Velcro – why should you choose it?

How tires work
If a studded tire is held on an icy road by means of studs, then friction rubber has a slightly different principle of operation. She uses sipes – notches on the tread, which, like suction cups, cling to ice or asphalt. Also, this type of tire uses a special rubber compound to provide the best grip in winter.

Advantages of Velcro
The main advantages of this type of winter rubber include a large contact patch with the road and good water and wet snow removal from under the tread. These tires perform best on dry and wet asphalt as well as in deep snow. On bare ice, which is not so frequent on the roads, friction tires are somewhat inferior in braking efficiency to studded brethren. Another important advantage of Velcro is their low noise and efficiency. There are both Scandinavian and European friction tires on the market. For Russian conditions, Scandinavian ones are best suited, since they have a more aggressive tread.

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