Everything is not eternal, and the engine of the car is not an exception. After a certain number of passed kilometers, it will request first a Toyota engine overhaul, and someday to the junkyard. The specific life of the engine depends on the quality of components and assembly, meticulous care, driving style, fl

uids poured and other factors. In this article the question is how to understand that the engine will soon need an overhaul. If the auto can’t be restored, read on, how to scrap a car in toronto.

So, the signs of an engine overhaul are usually the following:

Oil consumption – the manufacturer of the power unit has laid down tolerances for lubricant consumption. On average, it is 1 liter from replacement to replacement according to the service interval, which is set by the factory. Oil during the operation of the internal combustion engine inevitably burns, because the rings can not remove it completely into the crankcase. The rings and cylinders of the engine experience constant friction, resulting in a gradually increasing gap through which oil penetrates into the combustion chamber.
Power decreases, but fuel consumption increases. This is usually caused by insufficient compression. It takes more fuel-air mixture for the car to move, but the efficiency drops.
A cold engine starts worse. The decreased compression makes itself felt very well in these moments, when the

clearance between the piston and the cylinder is maximum. Having started up, the engine is for some time tripping, as the compression in the cylinders is different. As the internal combustion engine warms up, both rings and pistons increase, as a result of which the clearance betwee

n the ring and the cylinder noticeably decreases. However, oil still continues to enter the cylinders.

The exhaust pipe “spews” thick smoke of a grayish or even black color. The smoke means

that there is a lot of oil in the cylinders and a lot of gas going into the crankcase. The oil burning in the cylinders forms soot, which is very bad for the catalytic converter and the oxygen sensor. But the black smoke is not as bad as the bluish one – it indicates the ingress of the coolant in the cylinders. Hydroblow is already possible here.

High mileage. It turns out that overhaul of an engine prevents the lion’s share of problems connected with increase of oil consumption, antifreeze leakage etc. The engine operation “till the last” can lead to the situation that it will be necessary to repair and replace not only the cylinder-piston group with the crank mechanism, but also to work with the cylinder-head as well as with lubrication, cooling and even fuel supply systems.
If you overhaul the engine in time, the car can drive still 70-80% of the existing run. And there – the second “overhaul”.

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