Are the windows fogging up in the car? How to get rid of this problem?

Fogging windows and an unpleasant smell in the car are symptoms of excess moisture in the cabin. How can I fix this? Tip number one: clean up and get cash for cars scarborough!

Moisture accumulates in a car all year round. Wet shoes and clothes, dirt on the upholstery, or clogged gutters can seriously complicate life over time. Symptoms? First of all, foggy windows and an unpleasant smell in the cabin. Rather than regularly wiping down your windows with chamois leather or buying ever more fancy scents and dew repellents, it’s worth eliminating the sources of these problems.

Dampness is primarily caused by dirt on rugs, covers and windows. In winter, it is best to use rubber mats that are easy to clean. Moisture-soaked velor rugs will need to be washed every few days in wet weather.

It is imperative to thoroughly vacuum the floor and seats, remove debris that collects moisture (such as food debris), and thoroughly degrease the inside of the car windows with an appropriate detergent such as dishwashing liquid.

When we are dealing with a car that has a strong odor in the interior, it is worth washing the rugs and upholstery underneath, the seat upholstery and even the headlining. To “wash” yourself, you will need a soft-bristled brush or sponge and a carpet or upholstery cleaner. However, it is worth remembering that using a household detergent or popular foam is more likely to refresh the upholstery and not remove dust that has accumulated over a long time from it. This is the job of a washing vacuum cleaner.

Fights moisture and unpleasant odors
Remove excess moisture from the clean cab. Newspapers (or paper tea towels) spread out on the floor or a household fan heater help with this. Another way is to buy a desiccant or put an open container of salt in the car. Cat litter can also be effective at removing unpleasant odors – it is scattered on the floor and vacuumed up after a few hours.

In the fight against unpleasant odors, you will also need ground coffee in a linen bag or ozone treatment of the cabin (it is important that there is no one in the cabin), which consists in destroying the microorganisms responsible for the release of unpleasant odors of organic origin.

However, the aforementioned methods serve to treat the symptoms, not the causes. If moisture regularly appears in the passenger compartment, check the condition of the door seals, the permeability of the drains, as well as the operation of the dust filter, if it is included in the equipment list.

If water accumulates in the boot, for example in the spare wheel compartment, it is worth looking out for corrosion in the rear window area.

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