How durable is modern automotive glass

Typically, automotive glass does not require frequent replacement which is confirmed junk car buyers scarborough. For careful owners who take care of their cars, products can last for decades. However, the reliability of different types of glass differs. Let’s understand why damage occurs and what the level of durability of modern car glass is.

When it is better to use stalinite

Modern cars are equipped with glass of 2 types:

– Stalinite – tempered glass;
– Triplex, consisting of 2 (or more) layers of glass connected by a film.
Stalinite for cars – the hardened automotive glass. It is 4-6 times stronger than ordinary glass. Upon impact, the product breaks into small pieces with non-sharp edges. Therefore, in the event of an accident will not harm the driver and passengers. This is an indisputable plus. The disadvantage is that it is impossible to restore the glass.

With careful care stalinite will serve long enough. The product remains transparent for 15-20 years. In road conditions, especially in difficult ones, deterioration is faster. The manufacturer “Steklo-Lux” gives a 5-year warranty on its products. The factory does not recommend using stalinite as a windshield. Firstly, it is dangerous, and secondly, unprofitable. This type of glass is optimal for the side and rear windows of cars and trucks, domestic and foreign buses.

The plant works with bulk orders. In the assortment there are 9 thousand items of glass at a price of 100 rubles. In the company’s catalog you can choose and buy any size, type and color (colorless, gray, black, green). The final cost of the glass depends:

– on the complexity of production;
– batch volume.
Experts strongly recommend not buying homemade fakes. In factory conditions, the production of glass is carried out in accordance with GOST. This ensures a proper level of quality. Pay attention to the fact that high-quality stalinite produce on an automated expensive equipment for casting and subsequent hardening of glass. The process requires uniform heating of the glass to a certain temperature followed by rapid cooling. If the technology is broken, the glass will not be strong enough. As a consequence, deformation even with minor impacts.

Triplex for cars

Multi-layered triplex glasses for cars began to be produced in the 80s of the 20th century. Since that time, they have found widespread use. The advantage of this glass is its easy restoration. If the product receives a blow from the side, and not on the working surface, the “cobweb” in the place of damage will be minimal. This is possible due to the fact that the film between the triplex layers evenly absorbs the impact energy. Tempered glass, when exposed to such impact, will collapse immediately. In general, the service life of multilayer products reaches 50 years. In standard road conditions the service life of 5 years is minimal.

Steklo-Lux” factory accepts bulk orders for triplex. For the windshield, which has a greater risk of damage, this type of glass is better suited. The list of titles by the manufacturer is quite extensive. Therefore, every customer will find and buy a windshield that fully meets his request. On the contrary, here will produce a batch of triplex glass for the car to order. The price for laminated glass starts at 500 rubles.

What you should do to make your glass last a long time

There are several reasons for auto glass damage. It occurs as a result of:

– mechanical damage (collision on the road, road chips, etc.);
– errors in maintenance (use of unsuitable aggressive cleaning agents; scratches due to worn-out or dirty “wipers”, etc.);
– improper repair;
– Initially, the glass is of improper quality.
Manufacturers who value their reputation, produce quality products. Therefore, their products are a priori durable. But it is completely impossible to insure against other errors. At the factory “Steklo-Lux” observe the requirements for the manufacture of high-quality automotive glass, so it has a list of many customers (stores, services), which is replenished.

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