Over time, the number of cars, both in our country and around the world, is growing relentlessly. According to statistics, their number exceeds 600 million units, about 50 of which are periodically renewed due to wear and tear and obsolescence.

The terms in which transport wear and tear is calculated vary considerably from country to country, as well as the permissible operating time. First of all, it is influenced by the following indicators:

The number of motor vehicles per 1,000 people;
the value of gross income per capita;
political views of the state government in a particular country.
For example, in European countries the maximum service life of a car is no more than 14 years. Every year their companies dispose of about 35 million unwanted cars. The recycling fee is practically not charged here, and where it is – does not exceed one hundred euros. Instead, there is an environmental f

ee that must be paid by the owner of vehicles that do not meet environmental standards.

Scrap cars etobicoke should not serve more than 7-8 years. After this time, they must be handed over to a special company that disposes of cars. There are about 20 thousand recycling points and 200 shredders. All machine parts that are used for resale or recycling purposes more than pay off for the car owners, as they all receive a decent remuneration. This fact is very profitable in terms of both ecology and economy.

Even in many countries around the world, owners of vehicles that are subject to recycling are paid a certain amount of money. For example, in Germany, not so long ago for the surrendered equipment paid 2.5 thousand euros. Such practice was also observed in Russia, when on its territory there was a special program which provided for the issue of a certificate for 50 thousand rubles for the scrap vehicle for the further purchase of a new car.

It is considered that the most successful car scrapping program has been implemented in the Netherlands. There are about 300 vehicle take-back stations and 12 shredding plants in this country. The recycling fee here is 45 euros and it is paid during the registration of the car. The owner pays nothing for its further scrapping.

In France, you can be charged 75 thousand euros for throwing an old car in the street and even get 2 years of imprisonment.

Each country has its own way of solving the scrapping issues and pays special attention to them, as they are topical at the moment and can help keep the world clean.

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