How to change struts?

In the conditions of Russian roads replacement of struts is a regular procedure. It is clear that the driver should be familiar with it at least in general terms. To begin with it is necessary to remember that a strut is a shock absorber complete with a spring and those fixing elements, with the help of which it is fixed to the car body. Therefore, the answer to the question of how to change the struts is, in fact, to replace the shock absorbers. This should be taken into account when carrying out the work. You can replace the struts on your own, but only if the car is still running. Otherwise, it is easier to recycle the car:

When it’s time to replace the struts

Any parts will eventually wear out and need to be replaced. What condition the struts are in can be understood even at domestic level. For this purpose, a simple experiment is made – start driving at 20-30 km/h, and after a while sharply press the brake pedal. If the struts are defective, then the back part of the car will be bounced up, or the front part will be burying down. Besides, you should look closely at the car behavior on a road with bumps. If the body shakes strongly during any maneuvers on such sections, if the feedback with the car worsens, the struts should be replaced.

Another characteristic sign is the presence of a knock in the suspension. It does not always indicate the presence of a serious problem. But in any case, it is a deviation from the norm, worthy of attention. A bent rod and oil leak are also the signs that struts need to be replaced.

More exact way to check their condition is instrumental diagnostics on a special stand. But for this purpose, it is already necessary to drive the car to service station.

What tools will be needed for replacement?

To carry out the work, you must first prepare all the tools and consumables to be on hand. These are:

Jack and stops under the car,
an iron brush for cleaning,
a set of wrenches,
a Phillips screwdriver,
a set of various diameter sockets,
new struts and other parts.
You also need to stock up on auto-chemistry – you will need VD-40 or other liquid with similar action.

How to proceed?

Certain nuances depend on the specific make of car. But there are also general points that will be relevant for any brand. To replace the front struts:

Remove those elements that block access to them, including the engine compartment seal.
Remove the plug and not all the way unscrew the nut where the strut rod is attached to the upper support.
Not completely unscrew the mounting of the wheel and at the same time raise the car with a jack. Place a support under the car.
Remove the wheel. With an iron brush clean the thread, fasteners. Wet them with liquid VD-40.
Remove all other fasteners to remove the rack assembly with support and spring. The spring will require special ties, which will help to form a gap between the support cup and the last coil.
Inspect the bumper and the duster, if necessary replace them.
Install a new shock absorber, remove the ties from the spring, put the fasteners back in place.
Then change the second strut, as it is recommended to do it in pairs. The rear shock absorbers are changed according to the same rules. Only they are not equipped with springs. Therefore, the process is faster. It is obligatory to pump the shock absorbers and check their work before using the car.

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