How to remove the steering rack?

One of the most important parts of any car is a steering rack. It determines the steering of the car. But over time, this part can wear out or fail for other reasons. Therefore, the motorist should know how to remove the steering rack so that it can be replaced. If you’re in doubt about whether it makes sense to repair your car and, in particular, to replace the steering rack, it probably doesn’t. In such situations, it is easier to scrap the car. There is very good money for that nowadays:

When to remove the steering rack

There are a number of factors that indicate that this part has malfunctioned. But it is easiest for the motorist to notice such signs as:

The presence of extraneous sounds while driving.
The appearance of play.
Oil stains that regularly appear under the car.
If all three signs are observed, you need to remove the rack immediately.

What you may need to remove the part

Before you get to work, you need to read the instructions, and even better – watch a video that will explain the order of action. You should also worry about having all the necessary tools, and these are:

a set of keys,
screwdriver with a small diameter rod,
a special device – a tip puller.
To perform the work you need wooden props and a jack. And, of course, to replace the old rail will need a similar new part.

Preparatory work

First you need to fix the car and for safety it should be put on the parking brake. It is necessary to back up and install the stops under the wheels at the back. Then, when the motorist checks the reliability of fixation, he should adhere to this algorithm:

The steering wheel is set in neutral position.
Using the available tools, loosen the wheel nuts.
One side of the car is lifted, using a jack.
The wheel is removed, and supports are put under the car.
The same procedure should be performed on the other side.
As a result of the described work, access to the lugs opens, it facilitates the removal of the part.

Features of the disassembly of the rack

Different brands of cars may have their own nuances of dismantling the mechanism. Much depends on what type of rail is installed, so first you need to look at the documentation. It may be equipped with mechanical, electric or hydraulic booster. For a mechanical rack, you first need to clean the bolts. This is what you need a metal brush and the appropriate solution. If there is hydraulic booster, then you can continue the work only after the liquid from the tank will be drained. When working with the electric booster – remove the terminals from the battery.

For all brands, whether VAZ or Volkswagen Golf products do not need to disconnect the terminals of the alarm, otherwise the siren will create problems. After that, you can remove the tips with a puller. If this tool is not available, you can gently knock them out with a hammer. Next, to change the rail, you need to act as follows:

Loosen the fasteners of the crossover. In most cars, you can access it from the cabin, where it is located under the brake pedal. You need to lift the trim – and this detail will appear. Its internal fastening has the form of a clamp with small pins. To disconnect it, unscrew one nut.
Remove the nuts fixing the steering clamps. This is done through the hood.
When the rack is released, it is simply removed, this is done through the wheel opening. If it is stuck, it is easily tapped with a hammer to separate it. Remove the part carefully so as not to damage the wiring or the fuel hose.

Once the rail is unscrewed, you can make repairs. Sometimes it’s enough to replace the oil seal, a rubber composite part that acts as a gasket. In some cases, it is necessary to replace the steering column. If the motorist does not have sufficient skills and is afraid that he will not cope with the replacement, you can show the car to professionals.

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