Lead and nickel price hikes – what is the reason?

Today, literally everything is becoming more expensive, including base metals. Not only copper, but also lead and nickel rise in price. What is the reason of such tendency at mississauga junk car removal?

The rise in the cost of nickel

Nickel is among the metals, the production and consumption of which tells us about the development level of the country. It is a silvery white metal which is resistant to the effects of air and water.

Nickel’s unique properties include increasing the strength, corrosion resistance, thermal and electrical conductivity of other metals when it is added. Its main use today is as an alloying additive to steel. Therefore, its consumption is steadily growing and, according to experts, will continue to grow (by 4.1% a year on average).

At the same time, nickel reserves are very limited. Indonesia is its main supplier – it accounts for 18-20% of the world supplies. But recently Indonesia imposed a ban on the export of unprocessed ore, including nickel ore. Experts think that it may lead to a nickel deficit and further increase in prices.

Rising lead prices

It seemed that in January 2014, lead prices peaked. But no, they are rising further. Experts say this is due to increased demand for batteries and car batteries due to the development of the automotive markets in China and the United States. By the way, they are its main producers.

But its own reserves are not infinite, and, moreover, recycling is cheaper than extracting metal from new ore. Even its import pays off handsomely. So there is a growing demand for scrap lead, which is also scarce, from the underdeveloped countries. The output grows; the in-house resources are insufficient, so we have to pay more for each ton, so long as others do not buy it.

By the way, experts say that this year the demand will exceed the supply by 71 thousand tons. What is there to be surprised about?

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