Malfunctions and repair of the car alternator

The alternator is an important component in a car because it is the main supplier of electricity. Without it, the car does not drive, and the systems do not respond. That’s why it is so important to monitor its good condition and not to put off repair when a complaint appears. If the car does not drive because this or another part is broken, then contact the company that accepts cars for cash toronto.

To repair the alternator, it is dismantled and disassembled. Besides it is necessary to diagnose on a stand in a service station. This approach will reveal defects that were not detected as a result of external inspection.

Among the hidden breakdowns can include the case when a broken diode bridge underestimates the output voltage, and a broken electronic regulator on the contrary overestimates. And only testing reveals such a breakdown.

Unlike car engine repair, there is nothing complicated about repairing a Russian alternator with your own hands. You need the usual tools and a multitester. The procedure is as follows:

Remove the alternator from the car and thoroughly wash it with gasoline or diesel fuel (professional mixes are used in service stations);
if the rectifier bridge or electronic regulator is broken, replace them;
it is not difficult to replace defective parts of such units: diodes or microcircuits.
If the problem is in the winding, the repair is more complicated, and it is better to entrust the rewinding to professionals from the car service.

Rewinding the rotor should be abandoned in favor of buying a new one, because balancing a rewound part is too expensive. Although sometimes replacing the rotor is close in cost to the purchase price of the generator, so, it is worth thinking about buying a new unit.

If one of the bearings is broken, replace both for reliability.

You can see a broken alternator by the battery charge indicator. If it is lit when the ignition is on, the alternator is not giving current to the battery. It may be connected with abrasion of the alternator brushes and, as a result, their loose contact with the contact rings. It is also possible that the rings themselves are worn.

The burning lamp sometimes signals the breakage of diode bridge or voltage regulator. Sometimes it does not report a breakdown, but some irregularities in the operation of the alternator, as in the case of belt stretching.

It’s simple to check that the alternator is operating correctly when the headlights are on with the engine running. If the alternator is broken, pushing on the “gas” will not increase the brightness of the lights.

Accurate diagnosis is possible by measuring the voltage on the battery terminals with the alternator running. In idle mode it is 13,6-14,8 V. If the difference is more than 1 V, then the alternator or electronic regulator is broken.

At the end let’s give tips on how to increase the life of the alternator:

do not disconnect the positive terminal while the engine is running – the alternator may break;
do not turn on several powerful devices at the same time – the generator may burn out;
When driving in puddles and during washing, try to keep it free of moisture.

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