Steel forging

A forging is a billet or intermediate product needed to produce parts or equipment. Forging requires a strong grade of steel and is actively used in a variety of industries. The steel is also supplied with junkyard toronto.

The main feature of this billet is the similarity in type, size and shape with the dimensions of the future product. The main properties are strength, wear resistance, flexibility.

Types of forgings and their application

Carbon forgings
This type is made from specially designed types of carbon steel, the high strength is considered a feature. The property is marked with a number behind the letters “KP”. The customer can choose at his discretion the grade and strength limit. Billets are used for the production of fittings in construction, in industries such as metallurgy, petrochemical industry, necessary for the crane and bearing factories.

Press forging
Manufactured by forging using a press. Designed for the mechanical engineering, petrochemical and mining industries.

Hammer Forgings
They are made by means of a forging hammer and sledgehammer. They are distinguished by their high hardness and flexibility. Used in automotive industry.

Stainless forgings
Manufactured using homogenous stainless steel, used in electrical industry and shipbuilding. Billets are counted in tons. Necessary for producing turbines and shafts.

Alloy forgings
Production using alloyed steel, containing manganese, nickel, silicon, chrome and cobalt additives. The forgings have exceptional properties. Because of the inclusion of additional components, the product is able to give special properties: increased hardness and high resistance to corrosion.

Tool forgings
Manufactured from carbon or alloy steel. Created parts are used for production of high-precision tools. Parts are of cutters and mandrels type as well as other shapes.

This type of forgings is actively used in agriculture, parts for tractors and farm implements are made of them.

Forgings configurations

Depending on the application, forgings of different types can be used:
– round and round with ledges, can be in the form of a disk, or a disk with or without holes, a ring or a shaft;
– Rectangular, in the form of a bar, cylinder, plate or cube.

Choosing steel forgings one should be guided by the task and the way of its use. According to the requirements of the customer can change the steel grade, set a different size and weight. Modern manufacturers in their work follow all the instructions of the customer, the produced goods meet all the requirements, they are certified and have low cost.

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